Oshawa Centre

Establishment and shopping mall at 419 King Street West, Oshawa, ON L1J 2K5, Canada. Here you will find detailed information about Oshawa Centre: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more.


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419 King Street West
Ontario L1J 2K5
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+1 905-728-6231


Opening hours

Sunday 11:00am — 06:00pm
Monday 09:30am — 09:00pm
Tuesday 09:30am — 09:00pm
Wednesday 09:30am — 09:00pm
Thursday 09:30am — 09:00pm
Friday 09:30am — 09:00pm
Saturday 09:30am — 09:00pm


4.17 /5

Based on 6 reviews

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Reviews of Oshawa Centre

    Matthew Mazzocchi Added 2018-11-05
    Much better since the recent expansion that added a very large number of stores. It is generally fairly clean and has most things you would need to get all your shopping done in one go. The food court has a good amount of options. The only thing I dont like is that now that they added the expansion, it seems to take a lot longer to get anywhere. With the shape of the building pretty much any way you walk feels like you're taking the long way to get around the mall. Pretty trivial complaint but if you've been there since the expansion you probably know what I mean.
    Amanda Morgan Added 2018-10-04
    Mall is clean and has a nice layout. Big improvement from last year! I like that they have a breast feeding place in one of the bathrooms, however, it is right beside the loud hand dryers which startled my baby girl every time somebody used is...which was a lot. I found feeding her in the middle of the mall on the couches was best. And they are comfy!
    Service Judge Added 2018-09-29
    Oshawa Centre makes a good mall. Lots of choices and easily accessible from all directions. The family bathrooms are spacious and provide comfortable spaces to change your child. The only problem with the mall is not having a cut through and must walk all the way around to reach the other side.
    Rene Toyer Added 2018-09-25
    I really like this mall, mainly because of all the malls like it's kind in Ontario this one isn't as loud and crazy with people. Not to say there isn't a good bit of people there at any given time but the space and location seems to draw in a calmer crowd...which I love versus an Eaton Square kind of mall....

    There are all the stores like most big malls, a pretty good selection in the food court, great stores on the outside as well, inclusive of bars and lounges... Enough parking, easy to get to via Bus especially for Oshawa locals, many entrances so anywhere you park your car is close enough to an entrance...

    The stores generally have good staff who are helpful, there are many stores that do nails, waxing and all types of grooming, they are all pretty much on the same level and do good quality work... The entire mall itself is very clean and beautiful, seems freshly updated as well as all the washrooms...

    I definitely recommend this mall!
    Karin Eaton Added 2018-08-28
    My first time here. Lots of excellent stores. It's nice and fresh looking with skylights and wide corridors. It is a long walk around The mall! The only complaint I have is that there is no store directory at the entrances. So you either have to ask someone will find the info booth which is some of tucked away although they have an arrow pointing roughly to where it is
    Kyle Added 2018-05-15
    Surprisingly a really good mall. It's not that popular so that means it's not as busy as the other malls (which is a plus to me). They also renovated the entire mall so it looks really good too! The store selection is also quite great too! I'd definitely recommend this mall to anyone that's nearby!

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